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A feature on the school and how work in heritage can help the nation’s youth.

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Escuela Taller in “Reaksyon” (TV5)

Thanks to everyone at TV5 for this feature. Thanks to Luchi Cruz-Valdez and her team!

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The title of this post borrows the words of Her Majesty the Queen of Spain when she was interviewed by Spanish Television at the Escuela Taller earlier this month. We hope that more and more people are infected by her confidence and trust in the Filipino Youth!


El titulo del presente post viene de las palabras de Su Majestad la Reina de España en una entrevista con la Televisión Española que tuvo lugar en la Escuela Taller a principios de éste mes. ¡Esperamos que más gente comparta su confianza en la juventud filipina!


All 71 of our most recent graduates. Congratulations!

The carpentry class who made the tantalizing mudéjar table from last year’s Greenbelt show.

The Painting and Finishing class, who had gained the admiration of no less than Queen Sofía of Spain with their faux finishes.

Fourteen guys and a single rose constitute this batch’s Masonry class, many of whom come from different provinces from Batanes to Albay.

Our Woodworks graduates never fail to fascinate people with their beautifully-executed works, thanks to their maestro Willy Layug.

The Plumbing Workshop has to be the most popular with 20 graduates who have all been hard at work during their OJT period.

The Metalworks Workshop had made our entrance gate, lamps, and many of them collaborated with the carvers in creating beautiful repoussé work.

The three who graduated from our Electrical Workshop had the Queen of Spain asking them if the bulbs they used consume little energy.

Congratulations to all of you! There’s a great big world out there that is in need of your skills and talents!

To all the 71 graduates of the Escuela Taller Intramuros, we wish you the best! Trust in your talents and stay true to who you are!

We all tried to fit into the picture!

The students had been busy for weeks preparing. Our graduates came back to the school to pitch in as volunteers. A storm came in and water had to be bailed out by hand and motor. But when the Queen of Spain came, time stood still as she walked through the different workshops, shaking the hands of almost all of the students and asking them about their lives – how old they were, where they were from, and what they were doing – as the rain fell gently on the garden of the Revellin de Recoletos.

Queen Sofia looks on as a student explains her craft in stone

The answers varied from “Baseco” to “Batanes” to “Maguindanao”, and the hammering of chisels gave way to smiles and explanations of how stone is cut or sculpted. As the cameras took their pictures and the media scrambled for the best of angles, Her Majesty went from one student to the next, and from one workshop to another, always finding sincere delight in the crafts and talents that surrounded her, and demonstrating an insatiable curiosity in what she saw.

“How clever!” she remarked of the painters creating different finishes on their panels – something she admitted that she had not seen before.

Nobody seemed to have minded the rain, but all eyes were on the students, the graduates, and a Queen who had touched their lives in all her simplicity and grace.

We thank Her Majesty the Queen of Spain for having passed by the Escuela Taller and give the youth support and encouragement.

Escuela Taller de Intramuros is honored to welcome Her Majesty, the Queen of Spain this 3rd of July, as part of her itinerary of visits to the projects of the Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECID).

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Spain for her continued patronage of the school, affirming the strong cultural ties that now give the Filipino youth a brighter future through our shared heritage.


We had an amazing 2011 at Escuela Taller, thanks to all our partners and supporters, friends, and, of course, our super dedicated staff. Our gratitude to the NCCA headed by its Chairman, Professor Felipe de León, Jr., to everybody in the Embassy of Spain, especially to H.E. Ambassador Jorge Domecq, and to our friends at the Oficina Técnica de Cooperación of the AECID with its coordinator general, Señor Vicente Selles.

Maraming salamat po!

Here are some vignettes of the year that was…

the ET family with HE Jorge Domecq, Ambassador of Spain, and AECID's Coordinator General Vicente Selles

in the mudéjar mood... presented by the carpentry workshop

Our Poster Girl. This was made by Mario Buendia of Chimalhuacán, México, one of our instructors in stone masonry and sculpture

What's on Rizal's mind? We don't really know, but here's the copy of the bookstand from the López Museum. Thanks to Katrina Holigores for the photo.

From "Homenaje" exhibit at Greenbelt 3

ET on tour: our students get to go out and see what the old masters have created.

With Pagsanjan officials at the Presidencia

At class with Miss Gie Santos in our home at the Revellin de Recoletos in Intramuros

Inside the Almacenes Reales building in Fort Santiago. We've been toiling away for months on this building. The first phase is now done, and we now need to replace the roof and put in the electricals, plumbing and furniture.

The exterior has its protective coat of lime (the final coat is yet to be applied) and the walls have been consolidated.

The project also called for the fabrication of traditional doors, windows and balusters. The windows here don't have the normal metal hinges but they pivot on dowels inserted into the lintels and jamb.

view of the window from inside. The heavily deteriorated adobe blocks and bricks have also been restored.

More to come from 2011 soon!